Cleaning Genies has a number of talented Cleaning Specialists who will do their best possible work in order to keep your home in the pristine manner you expect.  We can meet with you free of charge to establish a detailed cleaning plan and will turn around and issue you a reasonable price quote in a short period of time

 Standard Cleaning Tasks

We offer a variety of services from which you may choose.  If you do not see a task which you would like performed listed, feel free to ask us about it.  We will change our cleaning style to meet your needs


  • Dust light fixtures, Windowsills, blinds, baseboards, wall hangings, shelves and decorative items


  • Clean, rinse, and dry countertops and tables


  • Wipe down and shine any countertop appliances


  • Clean, rinse and shine the front and sides of appliances


  • Clean inside and outside of microwave


  • Wipe down any smudges and spots on cabinets


  • Vacuum floors and either steam mop or microfiber mop flooring 



  • Dust  decorative items, pictures, wall hangings, light fixtures, and baseboards


  • Clean, rinse, dry and shine sink, countertop/s, and fixtures


  • Clean mirror


  • Wipe vanity front and surrounding wall area


  • Clean, scrub, rinse, dry and shine toilet bowl interior, exterior, tank and base


  • Wipe flooring and baseboards around and behind toilet as well as wall area


  • Scrub, rinse, dry, and shine bathtub/ shower and fixtures


  • Sweep/ vacuum floor and either steam or microfiber mop

Living Areas:

  • Dust decorative items, pictures, wall hangings, light fixtures, windowsills  and furniture

  • Vacuum floors or carpeting

  • Wipe baseboards every other time

  • Dust blinds every other time

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