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Commercial Cleaning Services

commercial cleaning in grand rapids, michigan, MI

commercial cleaning services in grand rapids, michigan, MI

We have a number of talented staff members who believe in doing their best possible work in order to keep your professional appearance pristine.  Cleaning Genies can come into your establishment during an agreed upon time and day so that you and your staff will not be interrupted in any way. 


Standard Cleaning Tasks


  • Sweep and mop all hard floors


  • Vacuum carpeted areas and rugs


  • Clean and dust any ledges or furniture


  • Disinfect and wipe any light switches and door handles


  • Clean any smudges or fingerprints on inside windows


  • Dust baseboards (every other time)



Other Areas:

  • Kitchen Area/s
  • Break Room/s
  • Coffee Area/s
  • Restroom/s
  • Exam Rooms

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General Office:

  • Empty trash


  • Sweep and mop hard floors
  • (buff and shine all no wax floors if on a prearranged schedule)


  • Vacuum carpeted areas (routine steam and/or dry cleaning available if on a prearranged schedule)


  • Clean and dust hard surfaces, decorative items, and hanging items


  • Clean and dust personal office areas (when requested), including decorative items, furniture, office equipment, and hanging items


  • Disinfect and wipe any light switches and/or door handles


  • Dust blinds and baseboards (every other time) 

    We work with several businesses in the area who are trying to make a difference by using green products and implementing green programs in their buildings. Call or Contact Us today if you are interested in enlisting a green cleaning program at your business